About Us

It’s us! Me and my muse — my soul mate and companion.
Although we haven’t always been close in distance, I have no one closer in spirit.

For the past 11 years we have been living in different countries. 3 years ago, while my sister was working for the Theater Regensburg in Bavaria (She’s a dancer and graduate of the Academy of Arts, Frankfurt), I flew over to Germany to study the language.

Finally we were together and the year was incredible. Over the course of a year we traveled and discussed new ideas and projects — I even designed the scenery for her choreographic production! Oh right! You still don’t know who I am… I’m a visual artist.

From Regensburg we split again. My sister moved to Lucerne, Switzerland and I returned to Moscow.

The city of Lucerne (where my sister began a new job) is advantageously situated just an hour’s drive away from both France and Italy — the perfect place to be for exploring the World of Fashion. Preceding her first premiere, I joined her for a shopping trip through Milan, Paris, and other nearby cities. We immersed ourselves into the seemingly unending variety of different clothing options, cuts, and brands but very rarely managed to find something that appealed to our taste — something comfortable, freeing, and pleasant on the skin. Through the shopping streets of fashion capitals we discussed what we wished to wear and see in the fashion market. These discussions have pushed us to create our own brand which embodies our creative ideas. Our style is influenced by our experiences travelling and inspired by people.

Our Brand

The SKIN brand is rooted in individuals, reflecting ourselves and putting our own twist on today’s fashion trends. Our style is catered for the modern woman with an emphasis on individuality. SKIN strives to not only make an impact on the industrial environment but to offer everyone the opportunity for self-expression in the creation of a unique image.

Our clothing models are developed based off our own sketches using innovative design methods. Our family studio, comprised of highly qualified designers and seamstresses, is dedicated to the high quality of our products. We use only the most comfortable Italian fabrics made from natural fibres to give you the best feeling on your skin — and believe us, you can feel it!

We have a large selection of clothing, from warm cozy coats to practical, pretty and light dresses. With our wide range of products, you can choose different pieces to create your own image.